Let’s talk about this systemic fracture in the museum field


Trauma as a trigger for change

Unfortunately, trauma has been what we have been experiencing globally. Museum professionals have experienced stress, anxiety and even depression. Losing faith in their vision and mission. Others took this opportunity to started to collect trauma and crisis. And the rest find ways to shift their practices and programmes in order to stay relevant and support local communities, as well as learning how to bounce back at the same time.

This systemic fracture can’t be ignored anymore

So when I saw how easily the system pushed museums away from people’s lives, it became manifest that the social responsibility and social value of museums were not understood and integrated into policy decisions.

Togetherness as a tool for systemic change

For the past decades, we have seen the role of museums shifting towards agents of change, supporting people and communities to shape better futures. I have witnessed fabulous and rapid transformations in museums lately, not in every museum, of course, but what I have seen have been these signals of change that I was looking for. The way in which some museums today collect, open up, discuss and evolve towards a more inclusive and ethical world, respectful of communities and cultures, of nature and the planet, is just breathtaking. We see more and more museums creating a transdisciplinary team dedicated to the ecological transition or to the green transformation of museums. We see museums working hand to hand with bi-cultural young audiences and finding ways to become more equal and ethical. We see museums shifting totally from a collection-driven strategy to a community-driven vision. We see museums being part of a neighbourhood and not trying to be at the centre of it anymore.

Loneliness is the main inhibitor of change

So when András Szántó asked me “what is the main inhibitor of change?”, I replied: loneliness.



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Diane Drubay

Diane Drubay

Founder of @wearemuseums. Co-founder of @alterhen. Arts & Culture for the Tezos ecosystem. Visual artist nudging for nature awareness.