As with any organic and community-powered movement, it is highly difficult to have an objective perspective on the evolution of hic et nunc. This article covers my own experience of the platform and I am sure that you could read dozens of different stories depending on who is telling it.

No, it is not because you mint an NFT that you will become rich. No, it is not because you digitize one artwork and drop it on a blockchain that you will see your life change. No, it is not because you say it is NFT art that collectors will start buying from you.

Since March, there isn’t been one week where we can read newspaper headlines with the word NFT and a large figure next to it. When looking at the NFT space from this perspective, it seems the only stories being told are the extraordinary sales made by different auction houses, museums…

As often, it starts with a desire for change

The idea of a\terHEN emerged from the high-speed of the Tezos-based art marketplace hic et nunc in June 2021, when speculative behaviours started to emerge. The hic et nunc community went through a frenetic period of low-price sales, fast-produced NFTs and high-price on the secondary market. This changed the way…

To ensure that people and planet are side by side and equal, we need to design inclusive, circular, and sometimes digitally enabled solutions. This is where culture comes into play, as an essential pillar that aims to build community while learning how to inspire and engage people worldwide.

Jamiee Williams…

Usually, a museum is considered a warehouse where collections are made available in one space. Now, gradually, according to Bridget McKenzie — founding director of Climate Museum UK, it is beginning to evolve into active communities that require the participation of other people. …

When analyzing the power of bottom-up and cross-organizational initiatives, we need to begin by considering the three crucial questions raised by Ewa Chomicka, Manager of Museum Practices Lab at POLIN Museum, which are:

  • How can we cooperate?
  • How can we organize our forces?
  • How can we join our forces in everyday activities for climate and pro-ecological initiatives?

The central idea behind how we think about our challenges and the importance of taking action in the climate topics is born out of the presumption…

Diane Drubay

Museum futurist, curator & community builder. Founder of @wearemuseums. Visual artist nudging for nature awareness.

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